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Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Members that resides outside the town of Uniondale Western Cape do not have voting rights (40 km outside of Uniondale)

  • The Membership allows the member to be affiliated to and obtain a handicap card from Uniondale Golf Club

  • By submission of this application, I hereby apply for a Golf Membership at Uniondale Golf Club and commit to the applicable fee

  • The total Membership fee and my initial payment of my Membership fee are indicated on this contract

  • I Acknowledge that I have read the membership plan, inclusive of the rules & regulations and I have reviewed the other documents referred to herein

  • I bind myself to the Membership Plan and the afore mentioned Rules & Regulations as laid down from time to time by the Uniondale Golf Club.

  • If accepted for membership, I agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Plan, its Membership Plan, Rules & Regulations and documents referred to herein, as they may be amended from time to time and to pay annual subscriptions, fees and charges as provided therein.

  • I understand that the Membership Plan and Rules & Regulations and other documents referred to therein may be amended as provided in the Membership Plan.

  • I understand that Membership does not guarantee any rights in or to use the facilities other than those specifically provided in the Membership Plan and documents referred to therein.

  • Please note UGC will not be held liable for card deliveries being delivered after the stipulated time or date.

  • You can also access your electronic HNA card by logging into the app and simply turning your device screen to landscape.

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